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New Man and New Earth

The great adventure of our time

End of July 2017 we published our 5th book about our geomancy experiences and dialogues with Mother Earth, elemental beings and other subtle entities.
The last years we have made the experiences that Gaia-Arta, our name for the Earth, has jumped into a new consciousness and create complete new places of power. We give them the name: "Places with the power of the new earth". Of course, we do not mean that there is a new planet, but a completely new consciousness!
Why and what happened?
A lot of people remember to the well known date 21.12.2012. At that time many people had thinking, that something special happens. Maybe a shift of the pole or that aliens are coming with UFOs to save mankind - but in fact nothing happened, right? No, something happened - namely, the leap of the earth into a completely new consciousness! And now humans are required to jump into a new consciousness as well - otherwise they lose more and more the connection to Gaia-Arta. Take a look around... and you see what we mean. More and more people are losing that important connection and become sick, crazy or burned-out and the most do not know why.
The same applies to most of therapists, doctors and scientists because they also live in the "old world" and they do not realize that a paradigm shift is urgently needed. 

What is the problem?

The biggest problem that hampers such a leap is our collective consciousness! 
The majority of humanity has been shaped for millennia by religious beliefs as well as education and science. Few realize the truth behind the curtain of illusion or do not want to recognize it, and so the collective consciousness becomes stronger and stronger. It's like a being who wants to hinder or block any change. It was ALBERT EINSTEIN who said: "Problems can never be solved with the same way of thinking that created them."

What is our idea for a solution?

Of course it is not the only one - but very simple and effectively:

In our current book "NEW HUMAN AND NEW EARTH - The great adventure of our time" we mention again and again the term "power places of the new time". By this we mean:

  • Places with the power of the New Earth - these places can not be affected by the collective consciousness!!!
  • Christ- and Sophia-Focus - help us to find out "Who we really are"
  • Uranus- and Neptun-Focus - help us to think outside the box
  • Cities of Light - the New Earth
  • some landscaping Chakras - for example Heart Chakras for healing processes

These "power places of the new time" support us in personal transformation, expansion of consciousness and the ever faster progressing transformation process of the earth and our solarsystem.
Among the motto "There is nothing good - except one does it", we describe in the book about 150 of these local qualities in different regions, in order to enable the reader to visit appropriate locations so that he himself can gain experience with these qualities.
In the meantime, we are increasingly receiving inquiries from readers and interested people from other regions or countries, regardless of whether there are such local qualities in their living environment or region. As Andreas can also locate these places by remote viewing, we have already been able to locate "power places of the new time" in other regions of Germany and in other countries, in addition to those mentioned in our book.
If you want to know where in your personal environment, places with the energy of the new time are, in order to visit them and to be able to work with them, we are gladly willing to search them for you remotely. 

Depending on the time required, the financial compensation for this is  € 60.00 - 200.00 (depending on how many places there are in your desired environment) including VAT.
After transfer of the agreed amount, we will find the appropriate places for you, send you a map with the marked places, a guide  how you find to the exact location and an invoice.
For inquiries please use the contact form.